Kristina's Story - Blessed by Support

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At age 41, with no significant family history, I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Cinco de Mayo 2009. After work that day (I am a nurse) I went to my doctor because of a lump that puckered my skin. I knew what it meant, I  just needed confirmation. Like all others affected by cancer, this day changed my life irrevocably. Though given the choice to change circumstances, I wouldn't.


Set A Pink Table

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When it comes to PINK, you really don't have to look far. Ribbons, flags, shirts, tattoos, office supplies, posters, stickers, pins. If you're looking for something you can buy or wear to show your support for the fight against breast cancer, you can likely find it within a mile from your home or work. In October, it's usually as simple as looking at the end cap when you're in the check out lane.


It's a DirtyGirl's World

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We posted a link to a video for an all-woman owned and operated trash hauling company earlier this month as they are in the final selection stages for their own reality tv show. The company is called DirtyGirl Disposal and is run by a remarkable woman by the name of Katherine Fairbanks. When the link came into the office last week I passed it around to my co-workers to gauge their reaction because it's a little rough around the edges and I wanted to be sure that nobody would be offended by the language.


I have never shared my whole story with anyone before. Perhaps I find it hard to talk about or perhaps I am just scared to death. Not to share of course, but because of the unknown future it holds. But if one person reads it,  benefits from it and takes the next step of getting the dreaded mammogram then it will all be worth it. If it saves one life that would be priceless.