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Breast cancer touched my life when I was 23; my sister was 28 when she was diagnosed.  When I heard the news, I cried and cried thinking her life was over. 

She had a lumpetomy then did chemo and radiation. I took care of her a lot during this process.  I had to shave her head when her hair started falling out, I took her to the doctor and to chemo treatments. But she BEAT it! She was cancer free!  She even made the 5 year Survivor mark. 


I don't know where to start, so I guess the beginning is good. My baby sister, Terri Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2009. 1 year later to the day, our mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My sister has a wonderful support system, which includes her husband who has stood by her through all of her sickness. Her daughter, Emmy who is 16 and has been a real trooper through everything, as well as her other family. My sister is the strongest person I know! She has undergone a double mastectomy and various other health issues and still manages to hold her head high and fight.


Along this Pink Cart journey we've been on over the past nearly 3 years, there have been a handful of milestones we've celebrated with gusto and have held in our hearts as truly meaningful for the program, the cause, and for us personally as we remember those loved ones in our own lives who are fighting this disease. Today is another milestone for us all to celebrate - we have reached 50,000 supporters on The Pink Cart Facebook page!


It's hard to believe but Mother's Day is right around the corner! There are so many traditions for this holiday - brunch with family, looking through photo albums, handmade cards, and usually there's something we give to these incredible women to show our appreciation. We don't know about you but every year it seems like it's harder and harder to find a gift that is meaningful for the mothers in our lives.


We are all about Cancer Prevention. But, sometimes, despite our best efforts, Cancer still rears its ugly head into our lives. So once you've got Cancer, it's time to make some decisions about your treatment, your recovery, and how you're going to keep up your exercise routine. Wait, WHAT? You're fighting cancer, who cares about exercise? Well, it turns out, it could save your life. Exercise  should be one of your top priorities in your cancer treatment plan.


A good friend of The Pink Cart wrote to us a couple of weeks ago wanting to share something with The Pink Cart community. She wanted it to be something valuable and something people could relate to. After talking for a while, and hearing the story of her first mammogram, we both thought that would be a great thing to share. For those who have gone through it, it could be a trip down memory lane or it could reveal how the process may have changed over the years.


You've probably seen the pictures on Facebook by now. A sea of women (and one proud guy) dressed to the nines in pink jackets and feather boas. The team, or as we call them, 'Warriors in Pink', danced and chanted for the crowds gathered for the Grand Rapids Santa Claus Parade last Saturday. The onlookers loved it, saying it was their *favorite* part of the parade, next to Mr. Claus himself. Our dancers fed off their support and their energy and gave it their all.


At age 41, with no significant family history, I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Cinco de Mayo 2009. After work that day (I am a nurse) I went to my doctor because of a lump that puckered my skin. I knew what it meant, I  just needed confirmation. Like all others affected by cancer, this day changed my life irrevocably. Though given the choice to change circumstances, I wouldn't.


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