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I have never shared my whole story with anyone before. Perhaps I find it hard to talk about or perhaps I am just scared to death. Not to share of course, but because of the unknown future it holds. But if one person reads it,  benefits from it and takes the next step of getting the dreaded mammogram then it will all be worth it. If it saves one life that would be priceless.


This week we'll enter into September and face the sad truth that Summer is winding down and Fall is just around the corner. As the leaves begin to change, we in the PINK community also start to shift our focus to the pinnacle event for breast cancer awareness and support - October. Every October breast cancer support groups, charities and advocacy organizations flock to the streets, websites, blogs, social media channels, TV, and add their message to the caucus of PINK voices heard throughout the month.


Breast Cancer isn't funny. It's scary. It can be overwhelming and intimidating. It's also something that 1 in 8 women will  experience in her lifetime. It becomes a part of these women's lives, becomes a part of their families' lives. And most of the time, it's certainly not the only thing they've got going on!  They all have to keep going, keep moving, keep working, keep paying their bills. And, hopefully, they keep laughing as much as they can.


PINK is too girly, too cutesie, too feminine. Believe us, after a year of working on the Pink Cart program, we've heard it all. Teenage boys, husbands, fathers, and yes, women, too, all have something to say about Pink Carts. Too bold, too brazen, too bright. And that's ok with us, because that's exactly why we make them PINK!


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