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Thanksgiving is the day when everyone is supposed to gather together with family, friends and the people who mean the most to them to express their "thanks" for all the wonderful things in their lives. Sometimes people take turns telling everyone what they're thankful for and the list usually includes family members, their job, pets, and their health. This year, we're adding something different to the mix. When it's our turn, you can bet that every member of The Pink Cart team is going to say "We're thankful for Pink Trash Carts!"


October was a big month for Pink. Breast Cancer Awareness month this year featured pink ribbons and donation programs tied to everything imaginable - from cat food to diapers, to the NFL. The overwhelming amount of Pink shows us how passionate people are about raising awareness about breast health and breast cancer risks. And we on the Pink Cart team felt the love!


Wanted to pass along a little nugget that continues to inspire me throughout my cancer journey (I am 2.5 years cancer free of Stage 3 B, invasive lobular breast cancer!!). May you always find the silver linings and gifts in this life!

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited…


Mom went to Meijer to buy a Pink Cart!

The bright pink rolling trash cart that has captured the hearts of online shoppers has gone retail! Yes, you can still get Pink Carts through local haulers, distributors, but some of you can also simply go to your nearby Meijer and buy a 64-gallon Pink Cart along with a gallon of milk or a couple cans of paint.

The 64-gallon Pink Cart can be found at these Meijer stores.


Can we reach 10K by 10-10-10? Please do it for Pink Cart and me!

What’s special about 10-10-10, other than numerical symmetry? It’s the day Cascade Cart Solutions hopes to have 10,000 Facebook friends for Pink Cart! Can we do it? Yes we can, but we need your help!

10-10-10 is also my birthday. Want to get me something very special? Become a Pink Cart fan on Facebook or ask some of your FB friends to become fans. The more people who understand the importance of increasing breast cancer awareness, the faster we’ll get there!


My name is Sherrie Bothee, and breast cancer has influenced my life a great deal. In fact, it has changed my life.

In 2004, I walked a 3-day Avon walk from San Jose to San Francisco. I did this with my best friend, her sisters and mom. We did this to honor her mom who is a survivor and doing great! This was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life. We walked 60 miles in three days. The experience at the finish line was extremely moving, and it was incredibly rewarding. It was worth every step.


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