10K on 10-10-10

10K on 10-10-10

Can we reach 10K by 10-10-10? Please do it for Pink Cart and me!

What’s special about 10-10-10, other than numerical symmetry? It’s the day Cascade Cart Solutions hopes to have 10,000 Facebook friends for Pink Cart! Can we do it? Yes we can, but we need your help!

10-10-10 is also my birthday. Want to get me something very special? Become a Pink Cart fan on Facebook or ask some of your FB friends to become fans. The more people who understand the importance of increasing breast cancer awareness, the faster we’ll get there!

The Pink Cart is doing its part to help women celebrate More Birthdays!

OK, now you know October 10th is my birthday and you know what I want. I feel blessed to have another, but as many as 41,000 women won’t have another birthday this year. That’s how many mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends die each year from breast cancer. That’s why the the American Cancer Society (ACS), The Official Sponsor of Birthdays, works tirelessly to raise funds and awareness to create a world with More Birthdays! And that’s why Cascade Cart Solutions (CCS) is donating $5.00 from the purchase of every Pink Cart to the ACS to fund breast cancer awareness efforts.

What will you do for Pink Cart on October 10, 2010?

Here’s your list of suggestions:

  • Buy a Pink Cart from a local retailer.
  • Find a local trash hauler that supports Pink Cart.
  • Buy a Pink Cart online. It’s easy!
  • Become a fan of Pink Cart on Facebook
  • See how people across the nation – and soon Canada – are using their Pink Carts.
  • Under no circumstances ask to know how old I am ;-)

Will one more Pink Cart really make a difference?

Absolutely! In fact, over 10,000 other people have asked the same question – that’s how many we’ve sold in nearly 30 states thus far, thanks to trash haulers, retailers, and, most importantly, people like you! Thank you so much for your support – it means the world to me and everyone at Cascade Cart Solutions and the American Cancer Society!