Did You Say "Breast Cancer Trash Can"?

Did You Say "Breast Cancer Trash Can"?

We're in the midst of the holidays and everyone's thinking "What gift should I give this year?" We've got the answer!

It's been called many things; pink trash cart, breast cancer trash can, pink garbage can. No matter what name you use, The Pink Cart is a unique and meaningful holiday gift. For every Pink Cart purchased, $5 goes to your local chapter of the American Cancer Society to support breast cancer awareness programs. If you buy one in Canada, $5 from every Pink Cart purchased goes to the Canadian Cancer Society in support of Breast Cancer Research programs.

Whether you use itfor garbage and recycling pickup, storage, or an outside garbage cart, every time someone sees a "breast cancer trash can" they are reminded of how breast cancer has impacted their life or the lives of loved ones. This awareness-building helps people think. Whether they think about their own risks for developing breast cancer and how they can prevent it, or they decide to tell the women and men in their life to get regular breast health screenings, your Pink Cart makes a difference - and may help save a life.

Want one for yourself? Make sure you ask for it! If your loved ones look surprised when they hear you ask for a "breast cancer trash can", tell them what it's all about and why it's important to you. Send them to www.thepinkcart.com or our Facebook page so they can see how much the Pink Cart, and more importantly the cause it supports, means to our online community.

The Holiday Season will soon be over but there is still time to order a Pink Cart and have it before it's through! The easiest way would be to contact a local hauler and have them switch out your loved one's standard garbage cart for a pink one - foot the bill for any swap-out or service fees from their hauler and give them a nice surprise on trash day! You can also find them through some of our distributors and at select Meijer stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

If you can't get the large cans in time, our Mini Pink Carts make great awareness-raising stocking stuffers. Also consider making a contribution in someone's honor to your local American or Canadian Cancer Society to support the important work they do every day to help women and their families battling breast cancer.

Ok, we've given you some ideas. So now tell us, how will you make your holiday gifts meaningful this year?