How many tax receipts will fit in a Pink Cart?

How many tax receipts will fit in a Pink Cart?

There’s never been a better time to find out - April 15 is right around the corner! And if you’re like many taxpayers, you’ve waited until the last minute to file and your organization leaves much to be desired. Why not throw it all into a 35- or 64-gallon Pink Cart and roll it down to your tax advisor? If you need the curbside 96-gallon model there’s a good possibility that you’ve either missed a few years or that you’re deducting things you’ll never get away with.

Buy a Pink Cart and you’ll feel better about April 15.

Not to mention February 3, August 27, October 12 and the other 361 days of the year. That’s because every Pink Cart purchase gives $5.00 to the American Cancer Society to help fund the fight against breast cancer. They’ll use it to help fund breast cancer awareness programs,[1] committing $118.1 million to explore causes, treatments and, someday, cures. Knowing that you’re helping in the fight against breast cancer should be enough to brighten any day of the year!

Kick cancer to the curb with a Pink Cart.

This year almost 193,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the heroic efforts of healthcare professionals, approximately 41,000 will not survive.[2] That’s an unacceptable loss and the affects are felt for generations. You can help put an end to it by buying a Pink Cart in the 35- or 64-gallon size, or, better still, the 96-gallon model, perfect for trash or recyclables. Regardless of size, the American Cancer Society receives $5.00 per Pink Cart sold from the manufacturer, Cascade Cart Solutions.

It’s easy to buy your Pink Cart.

Ready to join the fight against breast cancer? Contact your local/regional hauler to place an order for a Pink Cart. Large haulers have expressed interest in helping distribute the Pink Cart to customers, as have several regional, private firms. Or you can order the 35, 64, or 96-gallon Pink Cart directly from Cascade Cart Solutions.

Send us your Pink Cart photos!

Doing something special with a Pink Cart on Tax Day? Filling it with all of your old shredded receipts now that your refund is on its way? Share the joy through photos – instructions are in the FAQ section of this site.

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