Make Earth Day a Pink Cart day!

Make Earth Day a Pink Cart day!

Forty years ago this week, 20 million people rolled up their sleeves to tackle what must have seemed to be an impossible task – cleaning up the planet. On that first Earth Day they should have felt quite inadequate against the challenges that faced them; instead, they were 100% invested in success. Look around and you can see the results of their efforts – cleaner air and water, recycling on a national scale, legislation to safeguard our natural resources, and the promise that if we continue to follow in their footsteps, we will know a better world.

If this story sounds familiar it’s because it reads much like the tremendous efforts to find a cure for breast cancer. The path stretches far behind us; much work still lies ahead to find earlier discovery, better treatments, and a cure. It’s a huge undertaking and it sometimes seems overwhelming, but if we each do something, no matter how small, we’ll get there.

Your one small part could be a Pink Cart.

This year almost 193,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer; approximately 41,000 will not survive.[1] The research to stop these unacceptable losses costs money - you can help by purchasing through your contracted trash hauler. The Pink Cart manufacturer, Cascade Cart Solutions, will give $5.00 to the American Cancer Society for every cart sold. The ACS will use it to help fund breast cancer awareness programs,[2] committing $118.1 million to explore causes, treatments and, someday, cures.

It’s easy to buy your Pink Cart.

You can order the 35, 64, or 96-gallon Pink Cart directly from Cascade Cart Solutions.

Put your Pink Cart to work on Earth Day!

Clean up your little part of the world with a Pink Cart. You can stuff it with glass and metal recyclables, fill it with yard trimmings and waste, hold your old newspapers and magazines for recycling, even use it to store mulch before spreading it on the landscaping or vegetable garden. Better still, join with some neighbors and roll your Pink Carts around the neighborhood, picking up trash, maybe helping some older folks clean up their yards. Do something remarkable with your Pink Cart on Earth Day – or any day – and send us photos. We’d love to see them! You can find photo-sharing instructions on our FAQ page.

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