Roll a Pink Cart across your lawn.

Roll a Pink Cart across your lawn.

There are few things more colorful than a spring lawn – green, used to be green, yellow, and pink. As you prepare your yard for the warmer months, raking up the dead grass and fall leaves, and hunting down the dandelions that sprout whenever you turn your back, your best companion is a Pink Cart – the rolling pink trash can that’s at its best when it’s working hard. You’ll find that it’s the perfect place for yard waste, tree clippings, garden mulch – even as a place to store your long-handled yards tools during this busy season.

Roll a Pink Cart through your garage.

The versatile rolling pink trash can is equally handy for cleaning and reorganizing the garage or storage shed. Fill it with recyclables that have piled up since the last fall cookout, or finally organize the skis, ski poles and hockey sticks. And it won’t feel the least bit undignified if you fill it with trash and roll it to the curb when you’re done.

Let the Pink Cart tackle a real challenge.

This year almost 193,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer; approximately 41,000 will not survive.[1] The research to stop these unacceptable losses costs money - you can help through your contracted trash hauler. The Pink Cart manufacturer, Cascade Cart Solutions, will give $5.00 to the American Cancer Society for every cart sold. The ACS will use it to help fund breast cancer awareness programs,[2] committing $118.1 million to explore causes, treatments and, someday, cures.

It’s easy to buy your Pink Cart.

You can order your 35, 64, or 96-gallon Pink Cart directly from Cascade Cart Solutions.

This spring, as you plan your color palette of yard plantings, be sure to include some Pink Carts in the mix. Think of it as a beautiful bouquet for 193,000 women.

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