Snow Day!

Snow Day!

The Pink Cart is snowed in today thanks to the blizzard that has already passed over much of the midwest. After all the shoveling we did this morning, we found ourselves with not much to do except bundle up and stay warm. Then we started thinking...wait a minute! There's a lot we, and YOU, can do to support The Pink Cart on your snow day.

We are really striving to send out as many carts as possible to make the biggest impact on breast cancer awareness and to generate as much funding for awareness in the U.S. and research programs in Canada. So, here are some quick, simple ways you can help that don't require leaving your house!

1. CALL YOUR HAULER! The fastest way to generate funding for these important programs is through a large order like one made by your local waste and recycling hauler. Give them a call and tell them about the program and send them to our website. Tell them you want to do business with a company that supports the fight against breast cancer and you won't take no for an answer!

2. INVOLVE YOUR NEIGHBORS! The fastest way to get a hauler's attention is to have lots of their customers asking about Pink Carts. Give your neighbors a call and tell them about the program and why they should lobby your hauler to participate. If you don't feel like talking up a storm, get in front of your computer and make a flyer to stick in their mailboxes with information on the program and our website address. Try to be the first street to go Pink in your neighborhood!

3. EMAIL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! For those loved ones who aren't close by, write up an email about The Pink Cart and why you want them to get involved with the program. Put in links to our website, facebook and twitter so they can see what we're all about!

We hope this gives you something to do on your snow day! And if you're lucky enough to be somewhere where it's not snowing, then you can pick one of these and do it on your lunch hour or maybe this evening. Are there other simple things you can do to spread the word about Pink Carts? Please leave a comment and tell us about them.

Whenever, wherever and however you support Pink Cart isn't important, it just means so much to us that you DO support our efforts to Kick Breast Cancer to the Curb! Happy shoveling, everyone!