Stay Pink All Year Long

Stay Pink All Year Long

October was a big month for Pink. Breast Cancer Awareness month this year featured pink ribbons and donation programs tied to everything imaginable - from cat food to diapers, to the NFL. The overwhelming amount of Pink shows us how passionate people are about raising awareness about breast health and breast cancer risks. And we on the Pink Cart team felt the love!

In October we grew from 10,000 fans on facebook on the 1st of the month to over 26,000 by Halloween, and hundreds more started following us on Twitter. More than 500 people participated in our awareness campaigns on facebook and Twitter including "Breast Friends", Emoti-B(o)(o)bs, the Tribute, and Survivor Numbers. Traffic to our website soared and our sales rose to over 15,000 Pink Carts sold to date, which means we have pledged more than $75,000 to the American Cancer Society since our program started just 5 months ago in May 2010! We are in over 30 states and have dozens of haulers signing up for the program - stay tuned to our website for updates to our list.

Yes, this October was a huge month for Pink - but it can't end here. The flood of Pink in October serves as a reminder that more than 190,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States; and more than 40,000 women lose the battle. Don't stop fighting this disease.

Please join us in the fight to Kick Breast Cancer to the Curb all year round. It's easy:

  • Call your trash and recycling hauler and request Pink Carts - then have everyone you know do the same thing
  • Get our help - post on facebook or in a comment on this blog the name of your hauler and the city and state you live in - we'll reach out to them
  • Get involved with breast cancer organizations in your community - donate your time, money, and passion to finding a cure
  • Send our website, facebook, and twitter links to your friends and family and help us spread Pink Carts across the country, in honor of all the wives, mothers, sisters, and friends we have lost to breast cancer