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Pink Carts are Meaningful

I was in Chicago last week at the International Home & Housewares show which displays products from all over the world for inside and outside of the home for retailers. It’s a massive show and simply exhausting but I love attending to see what is new and cool and “in” this year.  Walking the long aisles I wonder why it is that you can buy a spatula in three hundred colors but carts only come in a handful of colors? After all, a spatula hides out in the kitchen drawer and is seen infrequently (particularly by us working Mothers).

Pink is so "Obvious"

It is starting to feel like spring is in the air in Michigan. I pulled onto our street after work and noticed all the PINK carts at the end of the driveways sitting pretty waiting to be picked up by our friendly trash collector in the morning. The carts are out every Tuesday evening but usually they are buried in a snowbank or covered by darkness. This evening however was different, this evening they were obvious.