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I need to admit something. There’s someone else in my life besides Jeremy my husband. His name is NED. I met NED right around the time they removed my breasts. In fact, it was my surgeon who introduced me to NED. She was ecstatic, she thought we’d be a hit from the very start. And she was right, I liked him. He was handsome and clean. I like clean. At first I felt really relieved to meet NED. I had this image in my mind of what NED would be like, perfect actually…. absolutely perfect. I figured NED and I could go on living together and we’d be one big happy family.


When Pink Carts first started rolling off the presses, there were a handful of people we knew had to have one right away. They were our friends and family, survivors and caregivers. They shared their excitement and their pictures with us, happy to be involved in raising awareness and funding to fight breast cancer. Among these many supporters was Sandy, a 24-year breast cancer survivor. When we delivered her Pink Cart to her home, she offered us a cup of tea and her story.


Summer hasn’t yet arrived on the calendar but nesting birds, sprouting dandelions and the sound of kids chasing each other through the neighborhood mean that it’s time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

This summer bring something new to your outdoor living – the Pink Cart, the bright pink rolling trash can and all purpose carts that are proving to be quite helpful around the house, garage, yard, campsite and beach.

What can you do with a Pink Cart?


This Mother’s Day weekend is particularly special for me as I reflect on the first half of my life spent with my mother and the second half of my life spent with my daughter. At this point it is almost a perfect divide in time and I am awed by the positive influence both strong women have had on the person I am today.


This week, Pink Cart made its debut at Waste Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. The Expo is one of the largest tradeshows in the waste management and recycling industry, and we were inundated with questions from hundreds of attendees and exhibitors wanting to know how to get the Pink Cart. Our Pink booth became a place for people to pair their personal experiences of breast cancer with their professional lives, and we were humbled by the stories they shared with us.

We are survivors


There are few things more colorful than a spring lawn – green, used to be green, yellow, and pink. As you prepare your yard for the warmer months, raking up the dead grass and fall leaves, and hunting down the dandelions that sprout whenever you turn your back, your best companion is a Pink Cart – the rolling pink trash can that’s at its best when it’s working hard. You’ll find that it’s the perfect place for yard waste, tree clippings, garden mulch – even as a place to store your long-handled yards tools during this busy season.


Some say Pink Cart; some say Pink Can.

What do YOU call it? It has wheels and it rolls, so some say it’s a Pink Cart. But you can keep lots of things in it, so others say it’s a Pink Can. And then there’s the point that the primary use of the Pink Cart is as a trash can, refuse can or recycles can, so …

Just think of what a Pink Can can do.


Forty years ago this week, 20 million people rolled up their sleeves to tackle what must have seemed to be an impossible task – cleaning up the planet. On that first Earth Day they should have felt quite inadequate against the challenges that faced them; instead, they were 100% invested in success. Look around and you can see the results of their efforts – cleaner air and water, recycling on a national scale, legislation to safeguard our natural resources, and the promise that if we continue to follow in their footsteps, we will know a better world.


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